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Your monthly
 motivation bracelet

Because you deserve to feel better. Always.

€12,90 monthly

Easy to cancel at any time. No strings attached.

Designed by a team of therapists and fashion designers who also struggle with life challenges.

Makes you feel less anxious and lets you frequently remember life changing quotes.

Packed like a fortune cookie filled with life wisdom and made from recycled PET-bottles.

Every month a surprise with a brand new theme and new philosophy to brighten your mood.

These guys already love Bandi

Don't like it after all? Cancel at any time!

How does it work?  

Sign up within

2 minutes.

Simply fill in your details. You don't have to pick a design. We'll do it for you, don't worry!

You receive your first bracelet with 50% discount!

We'd like you to try our amazing feel-good concept. That's why you get the first Bandi for half the price <3

Let yourself be surprised monthly.

One month after your first bracelet, you will automatically receive a brand new bracelet every month for just 12.90 including shipping.

No strings


You can easily and immediately cancel your membership via this page. No notice period or fine print!

  • Bandies are elastic bracelets, made from recycled PET bottles. The bracelets are suitable for women, men, and everything in between. They are designed with a motivating philosophy, reflected in the pattern, color usage, and text on the bracelet, as well as the beautiful life lessons in the packaging. Because we want you to experience it, you'll receive the first one at 50% off!

  • Please don't be that guy... Just kidding. Of course you can! From that moment on, you won't pay anything and you won't receive any more bracelets.

  • It's a surprise which bracelet you'll receive each month. They are carefully designed and custom curated by professionals specifically for you. You'll be amazed at how well they suit you. Trust us, sit back, and don't worry! We will surprise you.

  • Bracelet Delivery

    The bracelets are shipped from the Netherlands via PostNL (Dutch postal service) on the same or next business day. Typically, your package will arrive within 2-5 business days within Europe. Shipping to the United States usually takes around a week. It'll be worth the wait!


    Did your order arrive damaged or are you dissatisfied for another reason? Send us a photo of your order to and we'll quickly come up with a good solution. In many cases, you'll simply receive a new bracelet!

    Worldwide Shipping

    We ship our bracelets worldwide, except for some war-torn areas. For the current list of countries we ship to, please check the checkout page where you can select your country.

    If you have any issues ordering, please contact us at

  • We'll ship your first bracelet on the same or the next working day you place your order. The arrival time depends on your location relative to the Netherlands.

    For subsequent bracelets, it's straightforward. The automatic debit occurs around the same day of the month as your first order. Once the debit is successful, we'll ship the bracelet. So, you'll receive it around the same day you received your first bracelet.

Mirte - The Netherlands


"Just wanted to say that I really think what you're doing is amazing and beautiful! ♥ I just ordered and received my first Bandi and WOW ✨ The packaging, the message (coincidentally exactly what I needed), and the bracelet. Truly all amazing, and I haven't even mentioned the fact that you also make and sell the bracelets for so many other reasons! Keep it up 🥰. Love, Mirte."

Jeanine - Germany

A beacon of light

"So happy when I came home! And so fitting. Should have had it with me for my exam this morning, but the story of the Bandi is absolutely true. I love it! 😍

In a world where people cause enough trouble, Bandi is truly a beacon of light."

Andrew - Denmark

Really a boost of encouragement❤️

"I hope you realize that you're really making a difference in people's lives. I myself am a good example, but since I started sharing your bracelets and messages with people, I notice that it improves their thoughts about life. Thank you for all the positivity. I hope you keep going for a long time, and that I can be a part of it. ❤️"

Suzie - United Kingdom

No need to worry

"To be honest, I was a bit reserved because I wasn't allowed to choose the bracelet myself. 'How could they know my taste?' But that fear was unnecessary. Every bracelet hits exactly the right note. It's amazing what Bandi does to your emotions. Every time I see the package in my mailbox, it brightens my whole world! I am and will remain their biggest fan."

Feel like crying?

You have questions?

We have answers!

Please feel free to contact us just by filling this form.

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